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Isioma Idigbe

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Isioma Idigbe

Head Media, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law, Punuka Attorneys


Isioma Nnenna Alexis Idigbe holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, and a certificate in Entertainment Law from Osgoode Hall Law School at the York University Toronto, Canada. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015 having graduated from the Nigeria Law School. Isioma joined PUNUKA Attorneys and Solicitors in 2017 as an associate but was quickly elevated to Head of the firm’s Media and Entertainment law department in the same year after securing major local and international clients for the firm in that practice area. In late 2019, the firm’s Intellectual Property Law practice was also put under her supervision following her promotion to Senior Associate.
These qualities have not been limited to her firm but also the wider Media and Entertainment industry in Nigeria. She successfully led the conduct of extensive research on the regulatory framework in the Nigerian Film and Television industries and prepared a regulatory framework proposal for the Nigerian Film and Television Industry which was submitted to the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) and was subsequently forwarded to Nigeria’s current Minister of Information. She has also made noticeable contributions to the Nigerian music industry. She is one of the founding members of the Music Publishers Association of Nigeria (MPAN) and is a trustee on its board of trustees representing Universal Music Nigeria (who she successfully brought back into Nigeria with her team) and is also the current secretary of the association. In her capacity as Secretary of the Association, she has been a key member working to set up the association to global standards and ensure that the association fulfills its objectives to provide awareness to stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry on music publishing and its importance as well as further the interests of music publishers in Nigeria.
Isioma has pioneered and hosted extensive Media, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law training sessions in Nigeria. Noteworthy is the annual free training by the PUNUKA Media and Entertainment law team at the prestigious Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF). A passionate advocate for the Nigerian Media and Entertainment industry, she speaks at a various local and international forum such as the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) annual conference (which she is a member of), held during the yearly Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM) where she presented a paper in 2018 about the emerging Nigerian Creative Economy which illuminated about the potential and opportunities in Nigeria’s Media and Entertainment industry as a key economic driver and her 2019 presentation at the American Film Market on Laws and Regulation of Film distribution in Nigeria. She also speaks constantly about the need for the creation of an enabling environment for the creative sectors to thrive in Nigeria through effective regulations, governmental support, and the establishment of distribution and other needed structures amongst other related matters.
Isioma is constantly pushing the boundaries in Media and Entertainment law in Nigeria. She is a pioneer member of the team prosecuting one of the landmark cases in Nigeria on Intellectual Property Law infringement involving alleged theft of a Nigerian writer’s screenplay and subsequent use to produce a popular Nigerian Movie. Some of her innovations include her development of a Content Verification Service (CVS) to mitigate Intellectual Property infringement risks for rights users. As well as her work with a major insurance company in Nigeria to develop specific insurance covers targeted at the Media and Entertainment industry. She is also the team lead on a Landmark Diagnostic Study on Collective Management of Copyright in Nigeria commissioned by the French Development Agency. She encourages the right investment options and setups for clients in the entertainment business to ensure they are able to maximize the monies made and maintain structures that would work for them. Her efforts have contributed significantly to the recognition of PUNUKA Attorneys and Solicitors as one of Nigeria’s leading firms in Media and Entertainment Law.
In recognition of her work in 2018, she was awarded the prestigious rising star award at the African Law Digest awards. She is happily married to Baba Agba a leading filmmaker based in Nigeria.




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